Chrono Trigger


AmuletProtects StatusBandanaSpeed + 1
BerserkerAuto attack / Hit & Def. upBlack RockInvokes triple tech. "DarkEternal"
Blue RockInvokes triple tech. "OmegaFlare"Charm Top"Charm" power up
Dash RingSpeed + 3DefenderVigor + 2
Flea VestMg Defense + 12FrenzyBand80% Counter attack rate
Gold ErngMax HP up by 50%Gold RockInvokes triple tech. "GrandDream"
Gold StudMP use cut by75%Green DreamOne-time auto reanimate
Hero's MedalUps critical hit rate of MasamuneHit RingStrike + 10
MagicScarfMagic + 2Magic RingMagic + 6
Magic SealMuscleRingVigor +6
PowerGlovePower + 2Power RingPower + 6
PowerScarfPower + 4Power Seal
PrismSpecsUp attack pwr. to the maxRage Band50% Counter attack rate
RibbonStrike + 2SightScopeShows enemy's HP
SilverErngMax HP up by 25%SilverRockInvokes triple tech. "SpinStrike"
SilverStudMP use cut by 50%Speed BeltSpeed + 2
Sun ShadesUps attack powerThird Eye2x Evade
WalletTurns Exp. into GWall RingMg Defense + 10
White RockInvokes triple tech/ "Poyozo Dance"