Final Fantasy VI Encyclopedia
Final Fantasy VI Hacking Guides

Enemy command script doc file
Contains an explanation of all commands available for enemy command scripts.

This file contains all of the offsets, and function addresses I have found for Bank 2 of the code (20200 to 301FF in the ROM). Lots of useful information for anyone trying to hack the code. (last updated 4/12/2004)

A file containing an entire ASM dump of bank 2 of the ROM. Also contains all my comments on the code. (last updated 4/16/2004)

Here is a zip file containing various documents that I have found on 65816 assembly, as well as SNES specific technical data. A must have if you want to hack into the ASM code.

FF3 ROM info
A text file written by Yousei containing a TON of useful information for any FF6 ROM hacker.

Final Fantasy VI (US) romhacking guide
Another document containing a lot of useful information. Written by Cless