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Dragon Quest I & II

The Super Famicom Remake of Dragon Quest I and II has some definite improvements. It has better graphics, better music, and improved interface. But it still has the same Dragon Quest I and II that you love (or you better love them or else I don't like you very much). Dragon Quest I is the story of the descendant of Loto as he sets off to defeat the DragonLord (who for some reasons decided to build his castle just across a stream from Tantegel castle). Dragon Warrior II tells the story of the descendants of the descendant of Loto. (confusing isn't it?) These are two classic game put together on a one single Super Famicom, what more could you ask for?

Gameplay: 8/10
Both of these games are you standard overhead view 2-D RPG, and are very similar. In fact both use the same game engine. As you wander around on the world or in towns and dungeons you view a bird's eye view over you character(s). When you enter combat it turns to a 3-D view where you can see the monster(s) you are fighting. Nothing new, just the same as the original.

The interface has been improved quite a bit. First off the game now has battery save rather than passwords. (that never seem to work) Personally I like battery saves much better. You also no longer need to select stairs from the menu in Dragon Quest I in order to climb stairs, you simply have to walk onto them and your character has enough intelligence to climb them. (I never understood why you would want to step on stairs and not climb them) There is also a quick action button that can be used to search or talk if some one is in front of you, no more selecting talk from the menu (and having to select a direction).

The monsters also give more XP and gold. (at least in Dragon Quest I, I'm not sure about Dragon Quest II) plus the spell does more damage in Dragon Quest I. This makes it much quicker to go up levels, and get gold to buy new equipment. Now you don't need to spend nearly as much time leveling up in Dragon Quest I. Also added were seeds that can increase you statistics when used. You can find these hidden throughout the world. Dragon Quest I is much more balanced in this version.

Added to Dragon Quest II was the intro that was added to the US version of Dragon Warrior II. Now when you start a new game it shows a little intro of Moonbrooke castle being attacked by the forces of Hargon. I think it's actually kind of neat, but that's just me.

When you get into a fight it worked basically the same as in the originals. The game switches to a 3-D view where you see the monster(s) you are fighting. The monster are actually displayed on a picture of the terrain you happen to be in, unlike the black background of the original Dragon Quest II. (YAY!) But still no monster animations. (Boo!) Combat is turn-based where each character/monster gets one action per turn, and you can select which action to take from a simple little menu. Basically just the same as the originals (but it works so I'm not complaining or anything).

Difficulty: 8/10

The difficulty has been toned down a little bit in the remake version. It's much quicker to level up in Dragon Quest I, so you can quickly get tough enough to beat the monsters. Dragon Quest II is still pretty hard though, you still need to find all 8 crests in order to complete the game. But they didn't move them, so if you beat the original you'll know where to look. Overall fairly challenging but nothing ridiculously hard.

Replayability: 7/10

I probably would have given it a higher reply value, but you've probably beaten the originals as much as you want to. However if you've never played the originals then Dragon Quest II can be worth playing through a second time. And Dragon Quest I is always a good game to just suit back, relax, and kill hordes of slimes.

Graphics: 8/10

Much improved graphics, but this is a Super Famicom game so it should have better graphics. The graphics certainly aren't anything spectacular, but they beat the old Famicom graphics. I especially like the monster graphics they all look so cute. (but still no animation, Enix is going to hear from me!) The outside of combat graphics look decent too.

Story: 7/10

Dragon Quest I still doesn't have much of a story. You are the descendant of Loto, and you must defeat the Dragon Lord. I still haven't figured out what the Dragon Lord did that upset everyone so much, but apparently he's just evil. Dragon Quest II has a pretty decent story line though. As the descendants of the descendant of Loto, you set off to defeat the evil wizard Harpoon. Unlike the censored US version, the Japanese version actually has a storyline too! The game mentions Malroth before you fight him! (Imagine that!)

Sound : 9/10

The same old music, just better sounding. What could possibly be better? I always did like the Dragon Quest music, it's a classic. The remake simply has better versions of all the original tunes. Too bad the games still have such a limited number.

Overall Rating: 8/10

I really love these two games, and the remakes are just better versions. However, the games really can't stand up against other Super Famicom games, or even Dragon Quest III and IV (for the Famicom). Nonetheless these games are classic, and I recommend anybody to pick up the new improved versions of them. Dragon Quest forever!