Chrono Trigger
This is the fateful story of those who discovered the trigger of time. From a timeless past to an unimaginably distant future many events and encounters await your arrival. Get ready for an epic adventure that transcends the boundaries of space and time!

Welcome to my Chrono Trigger Page. This page is dedicated to the Square classic Chrono Trigger.

On this site I have an Accesories list, an Armor list, a Character list, a Helmet list, a Monster list, a Dual / Triple Tech List, a Weapons list, a page with images and screenshots, and a Save State Editor that I made for the game.

Use the links on the left to navigate around my page.

What's New:

Updated the Save State editor to version 2.0.

Added sections for Accesories, Armor, Helmets, and Weapons

Updated the monsters section, and added pictures for all monsters.